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Dumbbells aren’t a cheap investment no matter what style of dumbbell that you choose. There are many dumbbells to choose from out there and it all depends on your fitness and strength goals to determine which dumbbells are the right for you.


Affordable Adjustable Dumbbells
Affordable Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are building out your home gym than you want to have adjustable dumbbells because the flexibility of options they give you. You don’t want to take up between 3 to 8 feet of space with a giant dumbbell rack that takes hours to build and is difficult, if not impossible to move. Rubber hex dumbbells are a nice thought but at $0.99 or more per pound the costs quickly add up to make even a set of 3 different weights cost hundreds of dollars, and that is without a storage option.

So how can you get a full set of dumbbells in a small package and still lift heavy weights? Look no further than ProFIT Strength’s adjustable dumbbells, the affordable weight room that can go with you anywhere that you choose.


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