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When gyms and fitness studios first closed amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic back in March, there was a run on exercise equipment. Dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and more were quickly selling out at retailers across the country as people scrambled to set up their home gyms.

Now, even as gyms in many states have begun to reopen, exercise equipment—particularly dumbbells and other free weights—continue to be very hard to find. Not only is there a short supply but what limited stock there is is quickly being bought up as many people are still hesitant to return to gyms and studios. Popular athletic brands like Bowflex and NordicTrack have seen sales of weights increase up to 600 percent in 2020 compared to 2019 and some major retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods are completely sold out of dumbbells. The demand for weights is so high, in fact, that some gyms are encountering members stealing dumbbells and plates (my own gym and apartment complex gym included!).

Fortunately, however, there are a few places online where you can still find dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. Walmart is sold out and Bowflex says that it could take up to 4 months before they even ship them out.

See that little red box on the right underneath the Add to Cart button? 4 months just to ship.

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