You are actually saving tons of money when you buy adjustable dumbbells instead of buying dozens of regular rubber hex dumbbells, iron dumbbells and or a rack. See the breakdown below!

The Negatives of Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set Alternatives
The Old Way: Costly and takes up too much space!

The rubber hex dumbbells off gas in a way that will leave your home smelling like the rubber ball section of a Toys R’ Us. Why do you need so many of them? They are seemingly the most economical option but when you add up at least $.99 per pound you will end up spending $600 or more when you want a solid set of dumbbells that run across different weights variants. They leave marks on the floor and are super wasteful because a new steel handle needs to be applied to each pair of rubber hex end. They are a pain in the you know what to ship, move, and store.

Iron & Pro Style Dumbbells

Iron Dumbbells vs. Adjustable Dumbbells
Have an Iron Deficiency?

Traditional iron dumbbells are the thing you think of when you imagine your battle hardened father in the YMCA growing up, yeah they still sell those and yeah, your dad probably still has a rusty old set in the back tool shed. Iron dumbbells typically are priced around $1.99 per pound and up, so the typical set between 5 to 50 pounds would cost around $1,094.

Storage Racks

Dumbbell Rack
It shouldn’t be a question whether you can park your car or park your weights.
Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set Alternatives
Wouldn’t you like to buy something else with that $3,599?

Storage racks for dumbbells are great, that is if you have enough space and want to spend a lot of money on them to display each incrementally weighted dumbbell. What is this, some sort of display where you demonstrate how awesome you are when you have a dumbbell rack that takes up 20 feet of space?


Who wants this much waste waiting on their door step?

Most companies won’t even ship rubber hex dumbbells because of the weight and complexity that comes with this old school way of getting lifting equipment. The dumbbells are so heavy and there are so many of them that the boxes often break in transit and it isn’t economically feasible to spend the time to load and unload individual dumbbells.

The breakdown is simple, you save money when you buy the ProFIT Strength adjustable dumbbells because you get a full set of dumbbells in one ergonomic package!

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