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  1. ProFIT Strength is independently owned and was started out of a personal and lifelong passion for health and fitness. >>>Amazon was started by a Princeton graduate who is good with computers and is now the world’s richest man.
  2. ProFIT Strength focuses solely on adjustable dumbbells. >>> Amazon is good for buying toilet paper.
  3. ProFIT Strength has human customer support. >>> Amazon outsources all of their customer support to call centers.
  4. ProFIT Strength is accountable to the quality of the product that we sell. >>> Amazon takes no accountability in the product quality and is filled with cheap products under various made up brands and reviews are often made up.
  5. ProFIT Strength works directly with manufacturing facilities and is working on new dumbbell designs. >>> Amazon knocks off other people’s products.

Learn more about why adjustable dumbbells are better than traditional dumbbells:

With traditional dumbbells, an entire set is necessary to work with multiple weight differences, but the best adjustable dumbbells do away with that. It’s because adjustable dumbbells offer a space-saving design that crams multiple sizes into just a single pair. They quickly and easily change, offering a customizable free weight experience.

Regular dumbbells vs. adjustable dumbbells

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