5 – 50 LB Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set With Rack


  • Triple-knurled chrome handles
  • Low odor rubber
  • Versatile and durable 

Use the ProFIT 5 to 50 pound Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set with 3-Tier Storage Rack to help build muscle and tone your body. The dumbbells have a rubber covering to dampen noise and ergonomic triple-knurled chrome handles for a comfortable grip. The hex design stops the dumbbells from rolling for safe use, and the 3-tier storage rack makes it easy to organize the weights after you’re done with your workout.

Features and Benefits

Free Weights for Strength Training: Dumbbells allow you to target a wide range of muscle groups, giving you a full-body workout. Use these dumbbells to perform curls, rows, deadlifts, flys, kickbacks, and presses.

Durable Construction: Each dumbbell features a hexagonal rubber head, molded around cast iron steel, easy-to-grip ergonomic handles, for a comfortable and non-slip grip. The hex-shaped heads prevent them from rolling, making them easier to store. The dumbbell rails and frame are made from heavy-duty steel and are powder-coated black to ensure durability. The Rails are angled to allow easier access to the dumbbells and the 1-inch lip secures dumbbells in place to prevent them from falling.

Dimensions: This combined dumbbell set weighs from 5 to 50-pounds. The dumbbells range from 10 to 12-inches long by 3.5 to 5.5-inches wide. The heads are welded to a 5.125-inch chrome coated handle with a 28 to 34 mm diameter hold. The 3-tier weight rack has a weight capacity of 800-pounds and provides a footprint of 44.5-inches long by 20-inches wide with a height of 30-inches. It has a usable shelf length of 40-inches and will hold 4 sets per tier.

What’s in the Box
  • Two 5-pound dumbbells
  • Two 10-pound dumbbells
  • Two 15-pound dumbbells
  • Two 20-pound dumbbells
  • Two 25-pound dumbbells
  • Two 30-pound dumbbells
  • Two 35-pound dumbbells
  • Two 40-pound dumbbells
  • Two 45-pound dumbbells
  • Two 50-pound dumbbells
  • 3-tier storage rack

Anti-Slip Grip
The medium depth knurling on the contoured chrome handle provides essential grip and security during use, so your hands do not slip while working up a sweat. Triple-knurled chrome handles have an ergonomic design for a secure grip.

Anti-Roll Design
Avoid hazards while working with these hexagonal shaped dumbbell heads that prevent the weights from rolling when you set them down to perform other exercises.

Versatile and Functional
Dumbbells are perfect for isolations, full body workouts, functional training and HIIT workouts. Use dumbbells to target specific muscles or get a full body workout!

Low Odor Rubber
Special low-odor rubber compound that protects the dumbbells and your floors from damage.


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Invest in your strength today with the ProFIT 5 to 50 pound Hex Rubber Dumbbell Set with 3-Tier Storage Rack!


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