Fly Fitness Flywheel Trainer


Comes with the following commercial grade accessories:

  • Rubberized Straight Bar (for curls, rows, etc.)
  • Rubberized Single Handle (for curls, rows, triceps, etc.)
  • Squat Harness

The Fly Fitness all in one workout platform is all that you need to build strength and endurance in a record amount of time. Provides 2x dynamic movements that build strength and enhance cardio because of the eccentric and concentric tension when you move up and down in every single rep, so you get 2x more returns in less time.

The flywheel provides kinetic energy which creates a fun, new way to workout. If you have ever peddled a bicycle then you know what it feels like to generate your own energy with the help of a product that utilizes the hub and spoke mechanism.

“Everything in life runs in cycles.” -Tony Robbins

Fly Fitness Flywheel Workout


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