ProBell 70 Adjustable Dumbbell Set


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The 70 lb. adjustable dumbbell set enables you to increase the weight over time so that you can build real strength, get ripped quicker, and gain more muscle mass. AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ONLY AT THIS TIME (SEPTEMBER 30th, 2021-PRESENT) DELIVERY MAY TAKE BETWEEN 1-3 MONTHS GIVEN THE CURRENT GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN BACKLOG.

Build Strength – Strength is the ability to contract the muscles with maximum force, given constraints and nothing gives you more force against an external object like this heavy duty dumbbell.

Get Ripped Quicker – Think about all the time you waste walking back and forth to and from your rack to pick out little individual dumbbells. Ratchet up your weights in record time with a twist of your wrist.

Gain Muscle Mass – The key to building muscle is found in the progressive overload principle, which says that in order for our muscles to change and get stronger, we need to work them harder.

Available on backorder

The new 70 pound adjustable dumbbell set allows you to get a full body workout whenever and where-ever you want, regardless of how much space you have.

★ The complete, all-in-one dumbbell set.

★ Industrial grade, machine knurled handle and solid cast iron weight plates.

80 pound adjustable dumbbells

★ Weight Range in pounds: 70, 61, 52, 44, 35, 26, 17, 8, 4 lbs.

✔ Sold in a set of 2 x 70 lb. dumbbells.

✔ Includes portable cradles for each adjustable dumbbell.


Ships out within 24 hours. Increase your strength today.

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Weight 80 lbs