Back in 2020 I was selling adjustable dumbbells and looked to partner with the right influencers, this time it was with Grant Cardone, the real estate and media maven. After messaging his team they told me to email him directly, where I sent a mockup of what we could do, but never heard back. After trying this method with a few folks (See the upcoming blog on the Romanian brothers) I have learned that they are self seeking and not in integrity with what they put out into the world through social media and helping others. I believe that this was the trigger that got GC thinking about getting into the health and wellness space because it was never once mentioned in any of the media that I heard beforehand.

Profit and 10x health

According to the company’s website, 10X health systems treat the core cause of an illness in the patient rather than the symptoms. Additionally, the company does not make use of any invasive surgeries or prescription drugs.

Blood testing, Gene testing, IV therapy, supplements, etc… are some of the products and services offered by 10X Health Systems.

A review from theeblueking 53 d

“I bought into this, total bullshit scam they take a month to review your bloodwork so by that time your bloodwork is different of course. Then they want to put you on more supplements than humanly possible to take, of course you have to buy everything from them and it costs many times more than the same supplements go for on amazon or wtvr. Then when you complain about things they try to shame you and make it your fault. They literally sent little Marco to bully me I told him off, he didn’t like that. I keep asking for my refund I was promised no side effects….I doubt I’ll get anywhere but I’m going to harass them for a while maybe I can salvage some of the money i threw in the trash. If it’s too good to be true it is… end of story. I’m a dummy for trying but I just wanted to better my health.”

In short it is overpriced and overhyped. The coach seems legit and the use of blood tests are good guidelines to fine tune your nutrition, supplement and training regimen but you can skip the rest of the song and dance.

I am glad to be giving such influential people concepts to further everyone’s health and wellness.

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