Weighted Training Vest

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  • Get better posture and form. Build your back and chest muscles to balance out being hunched over a screen.
  • Improve cardiovascular system – training with the weight vest adds proactive stress to your system to trigger deep breathing that improves your lung capacity.
  • Get more explosive – by preparing your body to take on heavier weight your fast twitch muscles will be more primed than ever.
  • Lose Weight.


  • Anti-slip neoprene fabric. It will not slip and slide during your run. 
  • Adjustable chest strap that tightens to your preference.
  • Mesh pocket on the back to hold your phone.
  • The ProFIT “Get Strong. Stay Strong.” slogan printed on the chest tag.

The Weighted Training Vest

Take your workout to the next level with the 11 pound weighted vest to unlock maximum strength and muscle when doing squats, lunges, planks, walking, running, or on the Stairmaster. Athletes who wear a weight vest typically hit a heart rate 3-5% higher when doing both power or aerobic work in a vest than they do without.

One size fits most. 

Free shipping.

Ships out same day.

Start training with The Weighted Training Vest by ProFIT Strength, invest in your strength today!

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    Great for hiking

    After trying out the heavier crossfit WOD style weight vests and looking into the $200+ vest this one is the best for my training. The 40 lb. weight vests are too heavy and this one is form fitting and doesn’t feel like I have huge metal plates attached to my chest.

    March 18, 2022
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