Bike Surf


Get fit with Hydro Biking. Get your exercise on the water, not in a stuffy gym. Anyone can ride the Bike Surf, there are no special skills required.

Imagine cycling through the water. Now you can with the Red Shark Bike Surf. The Bike Surf is one of the most efficient ways to get your body in shape while on the water. Provides a low-impact workout with little strain on your joints and muscles. The funnest way to exercise.


  • FRAME PE-hd (8 Kg) Salt water proof.
  • COLOR: Black anthracite
  • VALVE: Flat Premium-grade inflation valve (recommended inflation 11-13 PSI)
  • HANDLEBAR: DROP BARS, aluminum
  • HAND GRIPS: Sport
  • BOTTLE HOLDER and BOTTLE: 0,5 Liters
  • RUDDER 3 functions
  • FIN: Removable
  • AIR PUMP: Manual air pump (air pressure)
  • MULTI tool (13 function)
  • REPAIR KIT: 3 colors of patch, glue and tool (to clean the inflation valve)
  • SADDLE: Sport model with cover protection
  • PROPELLER B: CONFORT (150 watts)
  • PROPELLER A: TRAINING (180 watts)
  • PROPELLER C: WORKOUT (200 watts)
  • PROPELLER D: SPORT-PRO (250 watts)
  • BUNGEE net on the frame + 1 elastic cord (for the front board deck)
  • DRY BAG (Water proof)

Biking on water

No maintenance, no gears, no pulleys. The gear case 1-10 is completely sealed. Just rinse off with fresh water after riding.

A revolutionary platform for on-water cycling designed by European supercar engineers. Riding on-the-water has never been so much fun and so much like riding a bike. Finally a water bike that actually looks and rides like a road bike with stable-rudder technology and a maintenance-free gearbox to provide stability and years of enjoyment.

Go Farther, Ride On Water


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