The reason it is important to Stop Drinking Out of Plastic Cups is that most plastic items leach chemicals that act like the sex hormone estrogen into food products, even if they don’t contain BPA, according to a study in Environmental Health Perspectives, reports NPR. That includes everything from food wraps to water bottles to bento boxes. https://www.laweekly.com/most-plastics-leak-harmful-chemicals-into-food-study-finds/

A product that is BPA-free is one that does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A in its construction. In the past, many plastic products such as baby bottles, plastic plates and cutlery, storage containers, and drink bottles have been made using BPA. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/what-is-bpa

That includes plastic that may be heated, as heat can cause additional BPA to leach out. So next time you get coffee at the gym do your best to put it into a proper container that won’t increase your estrogen.

That means BPA can bind to estrogen receptors and influence bodily processes, such as growth, cell repair, fetal development, energy levels, and reproduction. In addition, BPA may also interact with other hormone receptors, such as those for your thyroid, thus altering their function (6Trusted Source).

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