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Coaching In Person from an ISSA Certified Professional Trainer

First Order Of Business

We begin with a sit down discussion where I ask you a lot of questions about your goals, training history, injury and health history, and lifestyle. You get to ask me anything you need to get a sense of my approach and philosophy is best suited for you. Worst case I’m going to recommend a professional I trust from my network with just the right skills.

Coaching In Person

Your Program

I build a customized program for you and work with you to develop your comfort and confidence with it. Though some of my clients prefer strictly to just train with me, I’m going to try to make you as functionally independent as possible. I never ask for long commitments and I need to continue to earn your business every step of the way, but creating a valuable experience and relationship you want to return to.

Coaching In Person

No Meal Plans, But…

I’m not a registered dietician so I don’t create meal plans. I don’t believe they serve most people or help people learn life long nutrition skills anyway. I am a certified Nutritionist and will discuss practical nutrition strategies with you so we arrive at solutions and tactics to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

Coaching In Person

My weekday daytime coaching is either at the beach, trailhead or your gym of choice in Santa Barbara. Gyms I have trained at include: Bacara, Rosewood/Miramar, and Mar Monte By Hyatt.

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