Trail Runner Spotlight: Challis 

We met after a trail run, she was wearing some Western States shorts and started a conversation as I was putting my Hoka’s on again after jumping in the stream. Most importantly, she is a beast of a runner and won the 50 mile Born To Run Ultra Marathon in 2023. Here is some of her story.

Photo by Ally Rogers

I spent 3 weeks in a coma. Induced by a drug overdose. It was in 2017, and was told I may never walk again. I think I took that as a challenge. Running helped me recover both physically and emotionally from addiction. Now, daily movement is how I express gratitude for my heart, soul, and body that refused to give up on me. 

Above all, I get strength from my family, who also didn’t give up. Additionally, my clients inspire me (I’m a therapist) and I feel most alive in the mountains (the high Sierras).

I love trail running because it reminds me that I’m an animal moving through nature.


A typical week looks like running 6 days a week, (Mondays are sacred recovery days) — Tuesday/Thursday are workouts – usually Tuesday is speed and Thursday is some type of uphill tempo. Wednesday tends to be an easy double day and church of the long run on the weekends.

She graces the cover of Born to Run 2: The Ultimate Training Guide by the acclaimed writer of one of the most popular running books of all time written by Christopher McDougall.

Additionally, she is an ambassador for our favorite running event organization, All We Do Is Run. Luis creates amazing Trail Running events on the beautiful California Central Coast and far beyond.

Challis represents Rabbit Running and also runs and does yoga in the Profit Sports Bra and Leggings. During training and races she aims to utilize the Beetroot supplements for improved blood flow.

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